Basic pistol Simulation, 4 Hours. $50.00 minimum of 4 students.

The NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator is taught in a classroom setting with an NRA-certified instructor. You will learn:

  • Basic marksmanship. Fundamentals, stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control.
  • You will learn about firearm safety while using a laser shot indicating Resetting Trigger, or SIRT pistol (no live fire).
  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive an NRA certificate.

The NRA PMST provides the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to learn pistol marksmanship.

Simulation-based training, 5 Hours. $65.00 minimum of 4 students.

This is the perfect class for someone that has a CCW and wants to keep working on decision-making skills with three hours of shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios. This class includes two hours of law review as well as two hours of basic handgun manipulation and safety.

New Mexico Concealed Carry Class, 15 Hours. $150.00

We provide the required training for the New Mexico CCW. This is a two-day course that requires classroom and live-fire qualifications. Please see the State requirements for the program.

We also offer the following New Mexico-related CCW courses.

New Mexico Two Year Refresher $35.00, 2 Hours. Classroom and Range

New Mexico Four Year Renewal $75.00 4 Hours. Classroom and Range

Arizona Concealed Carry Class, 8 Hours. 75.00

We provide the required training for the Arizona CCW. This is a one-day course that requires classroom and live-fire qualifications. (This is not for New Mexico Residents)

Advanced Handgun, 8 Hours. $150.00

Requires either an NRA basic handgun or completion of a CCW class that requires you to shoot a live-fire qualification. This is not a class for new shooters

Intro to carbine 4 Hours Classroom 4 Hours Range $150.00

This is an eight hours class that starts from the basics of how to take down and clean the carbine to the fundamentals of use and live-fire drills for skill-building. you will need approximately one hundred rounds of factory ammunition, a serviceable Carbine rifle with a minimum of three (30) round magazines.

Other Important Information

Breaks, we will have breaks between modules about every hour and a half, for ten (10) minutes.

Lunch, there will be a thirty (30) minute lunch in the middle of each day. Lunch is the student’s responsibility.

Smoking, There is no smoking in the classroom. Students may step outside during breaks to smoke. There will be no smoking on the range except in designated areas. Never on the firing line.

Disputes, all instructors, students, and staff are expected to act respectfully. If there is a disagreement over the student’s qualification score or the process, it will be settled by the designated lead instructor for that class.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Robert at 

Check out our training schedule or contact us for future classes if you have questions.