About Us

Our Approach

Building on strong training fundamentals, we use a variety of methods to help the individual achieve the success they seek.

Our Story

We are former law enforcement trainers and professionals from the medical field using the skills and experience we have gained over the years to help others from all walks of life succeed in their goals and meet their objectives. We are focused on safety and creating an environment where people can relax and focus on learning.

Meet the Team

This is a dedicated team of professionals that is focused on the student’s success.

Vicki Hawkins, USCCA and NRA Instructor

Founder, With over thirty years in the medical field and ten plus years as a professional educator. Vicki has been a recreational shooter and hunter for most of her adult life. She decided that there seemed to be a void in the firearms training arena. it needed a place where the (Non-Operator ) could learn the fundamentals of firearms. Where average everyday people could feel at home while gaining the skills and confidence they need to defend themselves.

Robert Hawkins, USCCA and NRA Instructor

New Mexico CCW Instructor Number, 1032

Robert brings more than ten years in law enforcement, five years as a law enforcement firearms instructor, he has Thirty-five years of instructing civilians and law enforcement. Robert has been a competitive shooter for more than 30 years.

Next Steps…

If your looking for a team to help you gain or improve your skills with a firearm this is the team for you. Check our Training Schedule or reach out to us for custom training for you and or your group.