Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What you will need for the range.

  • Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection (required) no exceptions if you do not have them make arrangements with the instructor in advance to borrow some.
  • The firearm with which you will be qualifying. (If you have not made other arrangements with the instructor)
  • Holster or case to transport the weapon to the firing line and back safely.
  • A total of at least three magazines (required to minimize time reloading)
  • Twenty-five rounds of factory ammunition minimum (50) if you are qualifying semi-auto and revolver. (I would bring a few extra)
  • Sunscreen and water, a hat or cap and a folding or camp chair (recommended).
  • We do not allow people to share weapons; the transfer of firearms creates an un-needed safety risk as well as a waste of time.
  • Please let us know if you will need to use one of our firearms so that we can have them available for you.
  • The qualification standard for the New Mexico Concealed Carry, you must achieve a score of not less than 72% to pass.
  • Following qualification, the successful students will receive their certificate of successful completion with the final score.

What’s your cancellation policy?

It is our goal to provide you with outstanding service and accurate information.  When an attendee commits to attending the course, we, in turn, reserve your seat for the course. As a result of this, we have adopted the following refund policy.  

Do you issue refunds on my deposits if I am unable to attend?

  • If for any reason you can’t attend, and you provide at least ten (10) days’ notice before your scheduled course date, you may transfer to another date without penalty or request a refund.  
  • If less than ten (10) but greater than five (5) days, you may transfer to another course but with a 50% penalty.  
  • Within five (5) days, no refund will be allowed
  • If this is a custom class we do not provide refunds.

Do you Offer custom training?

Yes, If we can meet the minimum number of students required we will work with groups to deliver a custom course.